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Intro to One Dollar Biz

The top Internet Marketers ALL USE A PROVEN SYSTEM. We here at 1 Dollar Roger have developed a PROVEN SYSTEM that promotes a simple $1 buisness that ANYONE can affford.

But rest assured, we will NEVER ask you to pay for the system.   On the contrary, we want to give the system to you FOR FREE. I believe that "a rising tide lifts all ships" and if I share with you the system I have developed, we can all be prosperous and successfull in our marketing efforts.

The Only Requirement

The only requirement ever to take advantage of this system is to join a business called "The1DollarThing". If you already know about the "matrix", then this will be already familiar to you.

Out of all MLM compensation plans, the matrix model (also known as the forced matrix) is probably the simplest to understand. Looking, dare I say it, somewhat like a pyramid you start off at the top of your matrix and as you grow your organisation fill in allocated spots below you.

There are of course slight variations that can be applied to the matrix model but overall the functionality is virtually the same. As your organisation grows the levels of your matrix increase and these levels provide you with residual income. This residual income is paid out in commissions via the product sales or recruitment those in your organisation achieve.

Your basic matrix model for an MLM compensation plan involves two size factors, A x B.

A (Children Limit) is your frontline and is the number of levels wide your matrix is. It is comprised of members you personally recruit into your organisation.

B (Matrix Depth) is also a number and is the number of levels deep your matrix is. Some compensation plans cap this number whilst others don't.

Your standard MLM compensation plan matrix looks something like this:

The above is a 3X2 (2 levels deep and three levels wide) matrix and is a simple example. The Matrix in The1DollarThing is 3xN where "N" is virtually unlimited so the number of members you can have in your matrix is "3 to the Nth power".

You are about to embark upon a wonderful and "very affordable" business adventure. And if you've been one of the many working and failing on the net paying "lots" of money with no return, I know your anguish.

This is not "that." This is a dedicated TEAM build where everyone (like members of a bee hive) grow one another's business...because it's the same business. If you saw the plan from the link above and understand it then you know what I'm talking about.

Which brings me to "spillover". If you notice in the Basic (and other plans) it uses 3 and powers of 3 at each level. So in your first level, you fill it with 3 referrals. Then each of your referrals has 3 referrals in their first level for a total of 9 at Level 2 (3 x 3). Then at level 3, those 9 referrals at level 2 each have 3 referrals at their first level (3 x 3 x 3 = 27) and so on.

Spillover is what happens after I fill my first level. Let's say if you are on my first level and I have 3 referrals so my first level is full. My next referral goes to my second level which is your first level. This is called "spillover" and really shows the power of a matrix and a team.

When you join an MLM company with a fixed matrix compensation plan model, you're placed at the top of a new matrix. This matrix however is a branch of your upline's matrix, which in turn is a branch of their upline.

Spillover is what happens when someone above you in a parent matrix fills up a spot on their matrix which corresponds to a spot in your downline on your matrix.

Say for example you're on the frontline of your uplines fixed matrix and your upline fills their frontline. The next level down (the frontline of your matrix) can then be filled over time by the recruiting efforts of your upline as they fill up the other levels of their own matrix.

Here's an example;

In the above matrix you can see how your own matrix fits in with that of your upline. For spillover to occur, let's say your upline has filled their frontline (spots A and B), which you are on.

You directly recruit someone to spot C and then your upline manages to recruit another member. Due to your frontline being on their matrix spot D is filled via your upline. Spot D being filled affects both your own frontline and the matrix of your upline.

This affect is called spillover and requires no effort on your part to fill a spot on your own fixed matrix.

We all put and receive PAID members from one another....we all Grow Together. No one is better than anyone else, and though some of us DO more than others, we all SHARE in those achievements, with the hope that it will stimulate your "ambition" to help us grow faster and more solid and secure.

It's the way a GOOD and DECENT business should be where we each have ownership - and accept the inherent responsibility to "operate" our business.

Joining with the Annual $16 subscription - JUST $1-a-month (with the associated $2 Annual Admin fee and $2 credit card transaction charges) will save you $22 a year in cc monthly fees and it's the only "out-of-pocket" money you will have to pay......EVER.....following this simple TEAM leadership.

This is not a game, a ploy, a scam or anything false. This is a Serious Business....and there is a LOT of Money to be Made by EVERYONE who Follows A Simple Lead and adheres to A Simple Strategy! And did I say it's just $1-a-month?

Please take a moment to read and understand the info at that link because it is perhaps the cheapest, most powerful Internet business you will ever see. It is childs play to promote because, lets face it: EVERYONE has a dollar.

So if you haven't done so yet, get the card out and spend $16 for a whole year's worth of membership and save $22 right off the bat and get ready for my next email where I show you how you can get a lead generation system FOR 100% FREE that will multiply your list by up to 5x doing just the same things you are doing today.

So if you are serious about building a real business without spending an arm and a leg, go ahead and sign up for the 1 Dollar Biz and spend some time understanding what we are promoting.

However, I want to MAKE THIS PERFECTLY CLEAR THAT THIS IS THE ONLY THING YOU WILL EVER NEED TO PAY FOR to participate in this untapped market. Based on what I explained earlier about "spillover", just by being on the team and being a part of the 1 Dollar Biz, you WILL INDEED get signups under you and your business will grow. Not as fast as if you participate, but it will grow.

Click on the below buttons to see an explination of each powerful feature of this system.

We have a selection of 5 ready-made sales pages to choose from that have been professionally made a fully tested to optimize your traffic efforts. They are specifically designed to focus on this site and the benefits of the 1 Dollar business that we promote and you can select the one that best suits your marketing style and preference.

All 5 pages can be reviewed inside the site in your Settings and you can choose any one you wish to use. Change at any time you see fit - no restrictions. Here is just 1 example of the Sales Pages you can choose from.

Any referal that signs up here using a Sales Page, is automatically put into our custom autoresponder system. We have a full, repeating 30-day mail schedule that encourages your referals to join the 1DollarBiz system. Each email is custom designed based on the number of days each referal has been subscribed and always uses the referer's links and Sales Page selections.

Each email has been specifically designed and proven to be extremely effective at getting referals to move on to the next step and joining the system

As we have mentioned often, this site is focused on promoting your downline. And as such, we have developed a custom rotator that encourages all members to promote their downline.

The rotator always uses the Sales Page chosen by the referal and the person sending the page hit is rewarded with more hits to their own Sales Page. And do not worry about sending your traffic to someone else...The rotator ONLY serves up your and your downline pages. It is NOT a general site-wide rotator but rather just for you and your downline.

Inside the site we have 2 upsell products that will increase your earnings drastically. They are completely optional and not required but if you choose to join these programs, you will see increases in not just your earnings but will increase your marketing list at the same time.

We provide full statistics on your Sales and Rotator pages and includes referrer information so you can validate your marketing efforts. Stats come complete with visual charts so you can compare daily stats at a glance.

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