One Dollar Biz Intro


Thank you for checking us out. I am sure you would like to get started right away so take a quick tour of what the business is we are promoting.

The master motivator Zig Ziglar once said:

"You Can Have Everything In Life You Want, If You Will Just Help Enough Other People Get What They Want."

Hello and Welcome!!

I'm Roger Douglass, (1 Dollar Roger) - originator of this TEAM Build website! I am "Admin" or "Support" - and I am able to answer questions about this site and about this program we promote should you have any. But if you read this intro, most questions that you have will probably be addressed here or inside the site.

And please, you owe it to yourself to take just a few minutes and read who I am and what this site is about - you already got this far so you must be interested. And if after you spend the 10 minutes and determine this is not for you, then unsubscribe and move on to the next new "shiny" thing.

But if you want to save time and get right to it, start with this simple registration form and everything will be explained inside.

Here We Go!

You are about to embark upon a wonderful and "very affordable" business adventure. And if you've been working and failing on the net paying "money with no return, I know your anguish. This is not "that." This is a dedicated TEAM build where everyone (like members of a bee hive) grow one another's business...because it's the same business.

In fact, the way this program and site works, it benefits you greatly to promote your team as much if not more than to promote yourself. Of course, you can do just fine if you only promote yourself, but I have structured this site to encourage and incent you to promote your downline.

Yes We Are A Team!

Why Should I Do This?

Are you makin $7000 a month on your Internet Marketing ventures? If not, then read on...

Why should you do this? You should do this whether you are making money on the Internet or not. You should do this if you could use an exta $7000 per month. You should do this if you want to generate a residual income that will pay you month after month after month. You should do this if you want a simplified system that has every tool you need to build a business completely built-in. You should do this if you want to buy a solid business that has been around paying it's members month after month for over 10 YEARS!

You should do this if you are looking for a *proven* system that gives you all of these features and MORE for FREE:

  • Runs Fully on Auto-Pilot
  • Choice of Ready-Made Sales Pages
  • Customized AutoResponder
  • Pre-Built 40-Day Email Campaign
  • Custom-Built Team Rotator
  • Built-In Upsell Funnel
  • Full Traffic Stats
  • Resources Like Traffic Sources, PLR, and other stuff.
You should do this if you want to get into this business for only $1 per month.

Yes, that is correct - it isn't totally free. I will be right up front and clearly state this business we are promoting costs $1 per month...only 1 Dollar. Let's be real here - EVERYONE has a dollar so this business is very easy to afford and promote. And this 1 Dollar business is the ONLY thing you will EVER need to buy to build a residual income of $7000 or more. Oh sure, there are some things that will make the job easier, but the $1 business is the only required purchase.

Everything you get from *this* site to promote this business will be totally, 100% free for as long as you are an active, paying member of this 1 Dollar Business. So if you are *not* open to spending 1 small dollar each month to build a business, you probably ought to stop right here and cancel our subscription because there is nothing more for you here.

But if you are at least *open* to possibly investing just $1, then read on.

How To Get Started

The first thing you need to do is become an Independent Rep. by completing an application. You can do so by going here and clicking the "Join" link at the top of the page.

Then just purchase the Basic Product Package. Total cost to get started is $1 per month, plus $2 for the annual administration of your replicated site and back office and $2 for the Credit Card fee. You have the choice to purchase your membership on a monthly basis or on a yearly basis for a total of $16 which is a $22 savings.

So for the cost of a pizza, you can have this business for a whole year! Where else can you start a business for only $16?

But Wait, There's More...

Wwe have a special List Builder that can increase your list building by multiplying your leads by a factor of 5. Yes, that is right. For every lead you put on this list, you could get up to 5 more leads on your list. This is an EXCLUSIVE FREEBIE to members only.

We have an Upsell product that you can earn an additional RESIDUAL INCOME of THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS MORE!

We have more FREE incentives for YOUR prospects to help you build YOUR buisness.

And we will be adding new features and products on a regular basis.

Along with this business that *ANYONE* can afford, you get the unmatched benefit of everyone in this business working together to lift all members up to the point of earning a *real*, solid and secure residual income that can put you where you want to be financially. Want to pay off bills? Done. Want to put money away for the kid's college fund? Done. Need more money for retirement? Done, Done, DONE!

If you review the business, you will understand how the compensation structure works to benefit *everyone* in the upline and downline every time someone joins.

All you need to do is to sign up for the business, fill out a 3-field form, and send some traffic to your custom URL. Then let this system do all the work. The System will provide all of the Sales Pages. The System will send all of the follow-up emails. The System will put new leads using our Custom Rotator. The System will do upsells for you. Simply put, The System will build the business for you.

If you can buy a Pizza online, you *CAN* build this business. So what are you waiting for? There is no better time to get started than RIGHT NOW so:

1. CLICK HERE and then click the "Join" link at the top of the page. Fill out the form and start your business by paying the $1 monthly fee. **Note: we recommend signing up for a year for $16 which saves you monthly processing fees.

2. Come back here and go to the Login Page and register

  • or just go straight to the register page here.

    3. Fill out a simple 3-item form with your 1 Dollar Biz info ( simple fields explained inside).

    4. Send traffic using whatever sources you already are using. If you don't have any, don't worry - we will give you dozens of quality sources for free.

    5. And best of all...MAKE MONEY! Let the system do all the work for you!

    If you *ever* have an questions at all, please don't hesitate to email me directly at and I will do my personal best to answer ASAP.

    To Your Success!
    1 Dollar Roger